Long wheel in the glass curtain wall and aluminum doors and windows in the application of the difference


For a long time, the concept definition of the curtain wall and the windows and doors in the industry has not been able to unify the concept. Both of them belong to the building maintenance structure, and all of them do not share the force of the main structure. Some border practices make the qualitative windows and doors still Curtain wall has become a problem, many companies in order to ensure the appearance, taking into account the cost savings, often using doors and windows material designed to make Curtain wall effect, to some extent, not only to trouble the construction acceptance, and the resulting maintenance structure also gives security Covered hidden dangers. In order to avoid the continuation of such cases, the concept of glass curtain wall is defined clearly in the technical specification of glass curtain wall engineering (JGJ102-2003): the structure of the supporting structure and the panel can be relatively displaceable with respect to the main structure , Do not share the structure of the main structure of the building maintenance or decorative line structure.

Here is a point: relative to the main structure has a certain displacement capability. Long wheel windows and doors as a support in the main structure of the hole in the maintenance of components, can not meet the relative displacement of the main structure has the ability. In the curtain wall design, the whole frame is suspended outside the main structure, and the relative displacement can be ensured through the design of expansion joints and other structural measures. The company is located in:

The country launched the "aluminum alloy doors and windows" (GBT8478-2008) as the latest national standard doors and windows, each province, region, have their own provincial (land) standard. For example, Jiangsu Province, "aluminum alloy doors and windows Engineering Technical Regulations" (DGJ32 / J07-2005), Guangdong Province, "aluminum doors and windows engineering design, construction and acceptance of norms" (DBJ15-30-2002), etc., Design requirements to meet the national standard under the premise, as far as possible to meet the requirements of provincial standards, to ensure that local acceptance. "Building exterior door airtight, watertight, wind pressure performance grading and testing methods" (GBT7106-2008) as the windows and doors engineering performance testing and grading the latest national standard. "Glass curtain wall project technical specification" (JGJ102-2003) has always been the curtain wall industry standard leader, get the industry's universal recognition, the national standard "building curtain wall" GB / T21086-2007 curtain wall system was more comprehensive elaboration and agreement; "Building Curtain Wall" (GB / T21086-2007), "Method for Testing the Airtightness, Watertightness and Wind Pressure Resistance of Building Curtain Wall" (GB / T15227-2007) provide the basis and method for curtain wall engineering performance testing and grading.