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Hundred years Foshan baibaishun hardware products co., LTD was founded in 2014, I plant has advanced professional machinery and equipment, is a professional engaged in research and development, production: sliding door pulley, the positioning wheel, sliding doors and windows and other hardware products manufacturers. After years of development, with rich industry experience and strong technology, market demand, in line with innovative ideas, "Hundred years of good" with many well-known domestic enterprises formed a good strategic partnership, to lead and promote the development of the industry One of the backbone of the best-selling products at home and abroad, has always been committed to the development of household pulley industry, in the field so specialized, so refined, small and strong. Achieved a large-scale production, product serialization, modernization of management, laid the core position in the industry.

Our brand "Centenary" has been successfully applied to all major well-known construction projects, product quality praised by users at home and abroad.

Centennial Shun Hardware is enterprising attitude into a new stage of development, we will always uphold the integrity of the business philosophy, adhering to rigorous scientific work attitude and continue to create value for customers, we are willing to work together with domestic and foreign partners in the industry Into a better future!

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